Are You Looking To Make Impact By Sharing Your Voice?  

 Do you have a story inside that you are ready to share? Maybe you need help to craft it powerfully or express it fully.

If you feel a calling to finally face your story and get it out there, to make impact and live your purpose, then Emerging Speakers is for you.

We are committed to helping you get clear with your message and embrace your story. We want to provide a platform for you to share, practice, speak and get feedback, fine tune, and master the art of self-expression.

Emerging Speakers developed as a result of the overwhelming connection and enthusiasm experienced at our monthly Speaker Slam events. Our speakers and guests left on a high and wanted a way to stay connected to the community while being able to explore their own inner truths and stories in a loving, supportive environment.

You’ll find the same energy at our program as you experience at our events. And you’ll leave a much better speaker, guaranteed! Is it your time to be seen and heard?

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About The Program:

  • An amazing community of likeminded speakers that meet twice a month in downtown Toronto.
  • An opportunity to get clear on your message to the world and refine your “mic drop moment”.
  • Speech writing and storytelling focusing on your own personal inspirational story.
  • An understanding of the viral formula and what it really takes to be picked up by our online partners.
  • Impromptu speaking and ample opportunity to speak and share in front of the room.
  • The Heart Centred Roadmap Program to help you live an inspired life – made up of 6 challenges to inspire your higher purpose.
  • Earn your Bronze Certified Inspirational Speaker award when you complete the program and successfully accomplish six tasks.
Unstoppable Tracy Viral Success

Go Viral

Learn how to create viral worthy speeches using your own personal stories and potentially impact millions by going viral online.

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Be surrounded by like minded Inspirational Speakers that want to see you succeed. We have the best community bar none. These are your people!

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Inspired Speaker Certified

6 challenges that will lead you down the path to expressing your truth, sharing your voice, and making the impact you want to have in the world.

YWCA Boardroom

We meet twice a month on Saturdays from 10am-12pm.

**Attention, due to Covid-19, all classes have moved to Zoom Calls**

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Helen Xenidis

Helen Xenidis

“Emerging Speakers gives speakers of all levels a chance to develop themselves and their business. Dan and Rina are so passionate about what they are bringing to us and it comes through in each class. Their energy is infectious! Not only do we have the opportunity to learn and improve our own speaking techniques but we have workshops with professionals in the industry offering insight on how to tell our story and grow our own business. As someone new to the public speaking community I highly recommend this program!”

Sharon Babineau

Sharon Babineau

“As a speaker for the past decade, I came to Rina to help me rebrand my “lane”, my story. She has the unique skill and talent to really connect, to observe and listen to her clients on a level I’ve not experienced before. She was able to articulate back to me what I struggled to see myself. I highly recommend attending any workshop that Rina delivers. She will help you find your voice. You won’t be disappointed.” 

Francis Fernando

Francis Fernando

“The Emerging Speakers Program has created clarity for me. Clarity about what I speak on. The program then develops the needed skills on how to market and make an income in the speaking business. I have been speaking for 8 + years and this program has/is helping me tremendously.”

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