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We are the Co-Founders of Speaker Slam - Canada's Premier Inspirational Speaking Competition where 10 speakers go head to head and heart to heart, monthly, in front of sold out crowds.  Our speakers have gone on to garner close to 200 million views on their videos, through our partnerships with online viral content distributors.  Our Grand Slam competition takes place yearly in November, in front of 600 people, where 1 person is crowned the Inspirational Speaker of the Year.  

Welcome to Emerging Speakers - our community for speaker related learning and personal development. It is made up of speakers, entrepreneurs and professionals. We are incredibly proud of our supportive, heart-centered community who share a common goal of discovering and sharing their personal story. 

We offer a variety of online programs and in-class programs that are made up of inspiring individuals which include past, current and future Speaker Slam competitors, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, and paid and professional speakers.  You will make friendships and connections and elevate your speaking in a safe, supportive, high energy environment.

Whether you want to be the next viral sensation and have your video viewed by millions, become a paid speaker, take centre stage at Speaker Slam or simply craft your perfect talk and connect with like-minded people, Emerging Speakers is for you.

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